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What is CoinCyborg in simple words?

CoinCyborg is a system that analyzes the behavior of prices for all cryptocurrency pairs traded on the Binance and Bitmex crypto exchanges and makes automated trading recommendations suitable for use in the manual and bot trading. You can test it right now if you register and try to make some trades manually on the desired exchange with the help of our forecasting system! Do it with small size real orders or on paper to check the quality of the signals, if you wish!
  • 400+ trading pairs, actively monitored and analyzed every minute
  • Up to 10k+ trading signals per day
  • 7 timeframes for every taste (from 5min to 1d)
  • Own independent sources of information (directly from the exchange)

The main advantages of the platform

  • A convenient panel with trading recommendations for each pair and timeframe on one screen
  • Automated correction of forecasts based on up-to-date information from the markets obtained in real-time mode
  • The ability to send a buy or sell order in manual / semi-manual / automatic modes and manage that trade after it*
  • Adaptive algorithm that takes into account the results of fresh back-tests*
  • Personalized email and telegram notifications*
  • Sound notifications for important events (+ n% profit, the price comes close to the point of purchase / stop / take)*

Automatic calculation

  • Entry price points
  • Exit price points (take-profit)
  • Prices to place stop-loss order
  • Position size calculation with strict risk management (1%)

* - this feature is under development and will be available as soon as possible

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You can choose any package of services based on personal requirements. All prices are for 30 days of access. When you subscribe for two or more months in one payment, you will receive bonus days

* - this feature is currently under development and will be available as soon as possible


* - this feature is currently under development and will be available as soon as possible

Strategy Editor*

Built-in strategy editor with the ability to back-test on historical data. Create your own unique strategy and do robustness testing in a few minutes!

Paper trading*

Try your skills and our forecasts quality with virtual balance first!

Unique dashboard

- Automatic calculation of all entry and exit points for all pairs and all timeframes
- Sorting tickers by all needed parameters
- Adaptive volatility algorithm
- 24hr mini graphs for all tickers

Mirror trading*

The ability to copy manual orders of the best traders

Essential tools

  • - Overbought/oversold indicators for each timeframe
  • - Custom filters
  • - Personalized notifications*:
  • - Sound*
  • - Mail*
  • - Telegram*

Get profit!

Share your profitable strategy with other users and get extra income!

Do you want algorithmic trading? Soon you will be able to try out our cloud robot for automated cryptocurrency trading. Already in development!

Key bot features:

Main functions

  • Monitoring of active transactions
  • Personalized distribution of deposits on traded assets. Assign the maximum % in the portfolio to the necessary assets, leave the rest to the bot!


  • Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) option
  • Smart rebalancing of your portfolio, taking into account the current market situation
  • Automatic trading on selected pairs and timeframes with the calculation of the position size according to current risk-management settings
  • The ability to limit trading on low liquidity pairs

All possible types of orders for a professional trader:

  • Market
  • Limit
  • Stop-limit
  • Trailing stop
  • Trailing buy
  • Trailing take profit
  • OCO (one cancels others)
  • Conditional stop
  • Volume stop
  • Panic sell button
  • Min/max buy/sell limit
  • Delay between trades

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Recent test results on historical data for BTC and ETH